Valorant player "Unity" teams up with ULTI Agency

The 17-year-old Valorant talent Cihan "Unity" Seferoğlu signs up with ULTI Agency

We give a warm welcome to Cihan "Unity" Seferoğlu! 


Unity is the second player from Turkey we represent at ULTI Agency, and we're proud to have him. 


The Turkish prodigy is only 17 years old and we are excited to help him develop his career going forward.


Unity started his professional career in Sangal early 2021. He has for the past 6 months played for Oxygen Esports, but are currently looking for other options.


We had a quick chat with Unity regarding his current status and ambitions for the future:

How has the 2021 gone for you so far?

- I must say 2021 has been a good year for me. It all started with the announcement of Valorant tournaments. I decided to go all-in and spent most of my days to get to good points and achieve success in the game. Towards the middle of the season, I was rewarded by getting a contract with Sangal, which was a great feeling. I started to work even harder and participated in tournaments such as EMEA last chance. Since last summer I've played for Oxygen Esports and have a good time. Although it didn't end up exactly as I wanted, I have gained lots of experience this year. I know that this is only the start of my career and I have big dreams and ambitions for the future.

Why did you sign with ULTI Agency?


- While talking to ULTİ Agency I realized they wanted the very best for me, and I was interested in the possibilities they provided me. They are a professional agency with alot of experience in-house, and I believe that I stand much stronger with them than I do alone. 

What are your hopes and motivations for 2022?


- This year I will work hard to make my in-game abilities much better, and I am sure that I will reach new levels. Hopefully together with a great team. I will work non-stop to become the best player I can be.