TugaTV teams up with ULTI Agency

Valorant player Rui "TugaTV" Ribeiro is ready to take new steps togheter with ULTI Agency

We give Rui "TugaTV" Ribeiro a big welcome to ULTI Agency.

The 22-year-old Portuguese Valorant player is currently playing under the self-started team tag Midnightclub, but their roster is currently looking for an organization to represent.

Rui has played for For The Win Esports and SAW in the past, and are one of Portugals brightest talents within Valorant. 

We had a brief talk with him regarding last year's perfomances and the road going forward: 

- 2021 was maybe the best year for me in terms of learning and getting new experiences related to esports. I went to my first bootcamps and won 2 LANs for two different teams, so I’m quite happy with my development last year.

- I decided to join ULTI Agency to get some support in my career. Both off the server, but also in regards of searching for a new organization for our lineup. I'm looking forward to seeing what the future might bring for us. 

- For this year hopefully, we will find a stabile organization to play for and make our way into the into Top 20 rankings. I also have ambitions to qualify for some big tournaments and prove ourselves on the big stages.