truth teams up with ULTI Agency

The 25-year-old Norwegian is ready to fight his way back in the scene.

We wish a warm welcome to Erik “truth” Hansen Dyrnes!

We had a quick chat with the Norwegian upon signing and there is no doubt we are dealing with a highly motivated player with big plans going forward. 

On why he chose to join ULTI Agency:

- The reason why I chose to join ULTI agency is because I want to work with like-minded individuals so I don’t have to worry so much about the business side of the sport. Also I have a good relationship to the company owners, and know I will be taken good care of here.

When asked about his hopes and expectations for this year and the future:

- My expectations for 2022 is to get back in the scene and show everyone how good of a player I can be. I’m ready to work hard and to do everything in my power to reach the goals I set for myself and the team I will be playing for. I am really excited to share the upcoming news on my next adventure soon.

When asked about his thoughts regarding his career so far:

- My career so far has been exciting in many ways. Although, I have only won trophies within the Norwegian scene so far, but hopefully this will change in 2022. I am more motivated than ever and I believe we can achieve some good results internationally with the new team I will be playing for.

We wish Erik the best of luck and can’t wait to support him in the years to come!