Shakezullah teams up with ULTI Agency

The American in-game leader will now be represented by ULTI Agency.

Please welcome Alan "Shakezullah" Hardeman.


Shakezullah is an integral part of the next generation of North American Counter-Strike players devoted to playing amongst the best in the world. Under his leadership, Triumph narrowly missed a victory in ESEA Premier Season 36. Their recent difficulties in the cs_summit 8 Qualifier led to Shakezullah’s departure, but he won’t be teamless for long.


When asked about how the last year and a half went:


The past year to year and a half has been really good to me. I transitioned back to playing from coaching in January of 2020, and have been with Triumph for the entire duration. With COVID shutting everything down, we got the opportunity to play top teams consistently throughout much of 2020 in every online event. This was great for me personally as it helped develop my calling system at a top level, as well as get experience in matches against the best teams. I think the experience will help immensely as we transition back to lan play. I look forward to competing again soon.


When asked about why he chose to work with ULTI:


I chose to work with ULTI because it will help handle things on the side and allow me to focus on playing. I don't have the most experience or knowledge when it comes to salary negotiations and obtaining sponsorships. Partnering with ULTI will allow them to specialize on those things for me, allowing me to focus on competing. I can also learn from them in terms of growing my brand which will be beneficial for both parties.


When asked about his hopes and expectations for the rest of the year:


My hopes and expectations for 2021 are to be in a consistent top 20 team who is qualifying for LAN's as they return. I've spent the majority of my career competing online within North America, and I want to start travelling, as well as compete at the highest level.