Saksa teams up with ULTI Agency

We are proud to announce to you that the North Macedonian Dota 2 maestro, Martin "Saksa" Sazdov, will from this day on be represented by ULTI Agency.

Join us in giving him a heartwarming WELCOME to the agency!


Saksa is a well-known Dota 2 elite, with close to a decade of experience from the professional scene. After joining Global Challengers back in 2014, he has climbed the latter to the tier 1 level and is a person that has inspired numbers of dota talents all over the world.


Succeeding his departure from OG at the end of last year, the North Macedonian is eager to continue building upon his legacy and states to be in his best shape ever.


We asked Martin how last year was for him, why he chose to team up with ULTI Agency and what his goal was for the new year. This is what he had to say:

“I had a lot of ups and downs in 2021 but overall, it was a good year. I learned a lot and kept improving and now I’m in the best shape I’ve been in.

The reason I signed with ULTI is so that they can take care of all the things outside of the game, and I can focus solely on improving and getting better at the game.


My main goal in general is to win TI, so for 2022 I’m just looking to improve and strive to be the best player that I can be.”

Photo credit: OG