roeJ teams up with ULTI Agency

The Danish rifler will now be represented by ULTI Agency.

Please welcome Fredrik "roeJ" Jørgensen.

roeJ is the last remaining member of the MAD Lions organization that won Flashpoint Season 1 just over one year ago. He was officially listed as benched on March 1st and explained in a post that he is open to both Danish and International offers for 2021. He is keen to demonstrate the value he can provide to a new lineup, as soon as possible.

He talks about how 2020 went for him and his team:


When I think back about our whole journey in 2020, I feel pretty good. We of course had our ups and downs, but overall I felt like we accomplished a lot as a team. Especially in Flashpoint Season 1, where we took home the 1st prize after a very turbulent trip to the US.

Individually I think I took a hit after the victory because I had serious issues with my wrist injury which meant I wasn’t able to play and grind as much. Luckily, a few months ago my doctor and I  came to the conclusion that I could start playing more. I am feeling much better now, so I believe I will reach my full potential once again.

On why he decided to partner with ULTI:


I heard only good things about the agency and after I got benched in Mad Lions, I thought it was a great idea for me to get an agent to help me move forward and find a new team. After a talk with Dekay about the agency and their way of doing things, I definitely felt this is the right place for me.

I'm for sure not done in CS and I really want to keep on grinding and competing because that's what I love. So getting an agent I feel only increases my chances and makes the process faster of finding something new. I am eager to be in a team again.


What his hopes are for 2021:


My hope for 2021 is of course finding a new team where I enjoy playing CS:GO. I want to compete in the top 20 and play against the best teams in the world. On top of that, I really want to grind and prove to myself that I still belong in the professional scene. I also want to prove that my benching in Mad Lions isn't going to be the end, because I love competing at a high level and I love playing this game.