rAsk teams up with ULTI Agency

Latvian Valorant player Roberts "rAsk" Ribakovs teams up with ULTI Agency

We give a warm welcome 21-year-old Roberts "rAsk" Ribakovs. 


Our agent Andrew "Kimi" Kvasnevskiy had a quick talk to the Latvian player after the signing session, and it's no doubt a young, dedicated, and hungry player that has signed with our agency. 


How has the 2021 gone for you so far?


This year was the real start of my career, I met good people, joined my first real team, signed my first contract, won my first tournament, attended LAN, attended a bootcamp and, most importantly, gained a lot of experience.


Why did you sign with ULTI Agency?


I would like to be 100% focused on the game and not think about things outside of it, that’s why I decided to find agency for myself. ULTI Agency was advised to me by my friend, after having familiarize with it, with the people who work in it and the players who are in this agency, I realized that this is exactly what I was looking for.


What are your hopes and motivations for 2022?


First, I would like to find a home for my team. But my personal motivation is victories, and I would like more of them next year. For this I will work seven days a week, 24/7.