Peacemaker teams up with ULTI Agency

The world class Brazilian CS:GO coach will now be represented by ULTI Agency

Please welcome Luis "peacemaker" Tadeu.

Peacemaker has spent multiple stints with several professional CS:GO teams in both North America and Europe over his extensive career. He helped bring Team Liquid to a Major Final in 2016 and coached MAD Lions to a victory at Flashpoint Season 1 last year.

In recent weeks, he and MAD Lions parted ways, meaning he is now free to explore options as a coach with a new organization.

Peacemaker talks about how his 2020 went and why he chose to partner with ULTI Agency:


“I feel like 2020 was a good year in general, working with MAD Lions and helping to develop that project helped me to improve in a lot of areas, we were considered by many one of the best upcoming teams and I am very thankful to the players for buying into my ideas and their commitment.


The decision to partner with ULTI comes in a great time of my career, where I certainly want competent people to advise and help me on my next steps, and I feel like ULTI has that and will certainly help me to make it to the next level and become one of the best coaches in the world.”


He also discusses what his plans and motivations are for 2021:


“The past 3 years I have been putting myself out of my comfortable zone in many aspects and seeking continuous growth as a Coach. Working in Esports and CS:GO is my real passion and I feel ready for a big challenge, at the right time and for the right project.”