NLaaeR teams up with ULTI Agency

The Russian 23-year-old is ready to prove himself in Valorant and compete on the highest level.

When asked about how 2021 has gone thus far for him:


A lot of work has been done individually. I have dealt with some health issues and have been following this very closely throughout the year. Thanks to this, I can train much more productively going forward. There have been some ups and downs in the teams I played for earlier, but due to the frequent substitutions of players in my last team, it was a difficult period for me. Now I’m looking forward, and I am sure that 2022 will be a positive year for me.

When asked about why he decided to partner up with ULTI Agency:


I want to focus on my passion for gaming, so that various external factors do not distract me in any way. I also believe being represented will benefit me in the long run. I know Andrey “Kimi” Kvasnevskiy has a good reputation and after getting to know him better, I have no doubts that this will be a productive cooperation.


When asked about his hopes and expectations for the rest of the year:


I hope that I will be able to gain more attention from organizations and the audience and prove to everyone what I am capable of. I have always shown a high level of play in all disciplines and Valorant will be no exception.