MiSeRy teams up with ULTI Agency

We are proud to announce that the Danish Dota 2 veteran, Rasmus “MiSeRy” Filipsen, will now be represented by ULTI Agency.

Please give him a warm welcome!


Rasmus, with no less than 13 years of experience from the professional Dota scene, has spent the past six months reflecting over his long and meaningful career. He is now ready to step back into the ring and fight for a spot among the very best.


With history from several tier 1 organizations, like Evil Geniuses, Cloud9 and Team Secret, we are confident Rasmus have a lot more to contribute with.


When asked about how 2021 has been for him, why he signed with ULTI Agency and what his hopes and motivations for 2022 are, Rasmus answered:


2021 has been a great year for me on a personal level, I learned a lot and grew as a person. On the Dota side, it could have been better, but I've been on a nice break from competitive Dota since this summer and it’s the first time in my career I've gotten to take a break this long, so that feels amazing.


I signed with ULTI Agency because I’ve been through a bit of everything with different organizations through my journey in esports, and I believe it’s time for me to get professional representation. I also really like their vision and plans for agencies in the future of esports, and with their deep experience from the football world its looking promising!


My motivation for 2022; I hope to continue the path I am on now, both personally and career wise, I feel I have a much healthier approach than before. I can already feel that I am longing to compete again, so hopefully the right opportunity presents itself in this upcoming year.”