Kimi Becomes an Agent at ULTI Agency

It is with great pride we announce a new Esports agent at ULTI Agency. 

Give a warm welcome to Andrew "Kimi" Kvasnevskiy.


Kimi has managed for some of the most prominent organizations in Esports, including Natus Vincere,, and Gambit Esports.


He most recently spent time as a manager and important member of the Winstrike organization.


He has a vast network within the CIS region that allows ULTI to expand upon our foundation of talented players and coaches in a way not possible before.


CEO at ULTI Agency, Asgeir Kvalvik, says getting Andrew on board is a strategic move and that it brings on a new challenge for his company:


- "Getting Andrews expertise and network into the team is valuable for us. I am deeply impressed by all the teams and talents arising in the CIS region, and I believe that ULTI Agency can be a positive contribution for many of the players in the region. It is traditionally a difficult market to navigate in, but that make it even more exciting. We love a challenge at ULTI, and I am sure Andrews is the right person to help us develop our brand in the region."


Kimi speaks about why he chose to join ULTI and his motivations for becoming an agent:


- “ULTI brings together true professionals in their field. Everyone has years of relevant experience and have handled many international transfers. I think these guys have something to give to esports. Of course, the arrival of the Ole Gunnar Solskjær in the ranks of investors shows only the seriousness of intentions. I believe that together we can do a lot of cool things.


I decided to become an agent because it is a challenge. I want the players who will work with us to have no difficulties. In fact, the work of a team manager and the work of an agent are quite similar. Not the same, but similar. So, I think I can give a lot of expertise to the agency. Plus, esports is moving towards other big traditional sports, and I have always been attracted to agency work in football. I'm looking forward to getting started on this journey”