JUGi teams up with ULTI Agency

The 23 year old Danish AWPer will now be represented by ULTI Agency

Please welcome Jakob "JUGi" Hansen to ULTI Agency.


JUGi has a tremendous amount of experience playing within one of the most talent-rich countries in the Counter-Strike world of Denmark. He has played with Heroic, OpTic Gaming, North, and even spent some time with Astralis last summer. Most recently, he stepped in to help Complexity while they awaited the return of Valentin "poizon" Vasilev.


JUGi is a free agent and eager to show his commitment to professional CS:GO or Valorant on a new team.

JUGi prefers CS:GO but if the right opportunity presents itself in Valorant, he is ready to take up the challenge:

I prefer CS:GO because I love the game and I still believe I can play among the best with the proper team and role. However, I’ve been playing a bit of Valorant and I found my trials with Liquid much more fun than public matches. I think the gameplay is exciting and would be great to play professionally.


He talks about his personal growth, what he has learned, and why he decided to team up with ULTI Agency:

I think 2020 had a really positive effect on me, it gave me time to find myself again both in-game and in real life. I got a lot of experience out of it despite not playing full-time throughout the year. Learning how to play alongside some of the best players and how to prepare was extremely valuable.

I know people will hate on me, but I just wanna show the world what I’m capable of again. In my past teams like OpTic and North, I think I was thinking too much about the team, both my coaches told me back then to be a lot more selfish. I believe I have found the right balance on how to succeed moving forward.

I’ve talked to several agencies in the past, but I just think ULTI has more to offer and is the right place to help find the proper team for me.




Photos: HLTV.org 


Enjoy the YouTube video below by CSGOpoetry with some of the best frags by JUGi: