JonahP teams up with ULTI Agency

The young Canadian Valorant player will now be represented by ULTI Agency.

Please welcome JonahP!


Jonah "JonahP" Pulice is very new to professional Esports having only joined his first team with Complexity Gaming last October. After spending a little over six months with their squad, he was transferred to Immortals where he now resides.

When asked about how 2021 has gone for him thus far:


2021 has gone pretty well for me opportunity wise with joining a great team like Immortals but result wise, it hasn’t been the best for me. I’m going to change that.


On why he chose to join ULTI Agency:


I chose to go with ULTI because of the hard work DeKay did as a reporter for CS:GO and I knew that he would work just as hard to look out for his players. Also, I asked around about the agency and was given positive feedback and recommendations about them.


When asked about his hopes and expectations for the rest of the year:


For the rest of 2021, my expectations are to make the Immortals name proud and qualify for an international LAN. I know we are capable of it, but we just need to find our footing