Hedje teams up with ULTI Agency

We are delighted to announce the signing of Norwegian CS: GO female player and streamer Hege “Hedje” Botnen.


It’s with both pride and joy that we can announce the signing of our first female esports profile. Hege “Hedje” Botnen has an impressive track record being a front figure in the female scene for the past decades. She is certainly what you can call a true veteran in the scene with unique experience within Counter-Strike, streaming and casting. The last years she’s played professionally for teams such as LGB, SKADIES, Bifrost and GODSENT. She has also had a key role as a caster at Norwegian TV2 for the last couple of years.

Hedje was happy share her thoughts about how 2021 went down, why she chose to sign for ULTI Agency and the recent positive development within the female scene:

- 2021 was a great year for me in CS: GO. With the team I peaked at #2 in Europe and achieved several goals that I had set for myself individually, with team CS and my stream. It was a weird season with not so many tournaments for us and with VALORANT hitting the scene we lost many talented players and teams. It was difficult to keep motivation up and in addition my life situation changed a lot. I started on a master’s degree, got a new job, and moved to a new city. In the end I was completely burned out and decided I had to take a break and step down from playing. Now I’m super motivated to find my next path within esports.

- I have thought about signing for an agency for a long time, and now I feel I’ve found the right match for me. ULTI Agency have a really good reputation in the scene and the founders of this Norwegian agency really do have their players and talents best interest in mind. I believe agencies are a positive thing and is much needed in today’s esports industry. The scene is thankfully a lot cleaner and better organized now than it was just some years ago. We are moving in a positive direction towards increased professionalism, better conditions for the players and less scummy contracts. I am confident that having an agency working on my behalf will be a blessing moving forward.

- 2022 is looking really promising for female CS. The #GGFORALL initiative from ESL with a full season of women's tournaments, cash cups every month and a real tournament circuit is honestly a dream come true. I have been playing CS for 20 years and this is the first time I feel that the biggest brands in the industry truly and fully backs our scene up. Regardless of if it's as a player, streamer, or broadcast talent I very much look forward to contributing to making 2022 the best year ever for women in Counter-Strike!