hallzerk ready for ULTI Agency

We can proudly announce that the Norwegian prodigy and Dignitas player Håkon "hallzerk" Fjærli is now under the wings of ULTI Agency.

Norwegian prodigy Håkon "hallzerk" Fjærli starts 2021 with becoming a part of ULTI Agency.


The 20-year-old AWP player from Bodø has signed a deal with the Norwegian agency for the next two years.


CEO and esports agent in ULTI Agency, Asgeir Kvalvik, says he has wanted to work with hallzerk for a long time, and that it means a lot to represent the best players from Norway:


- It is always a proud moment when we sign the best talents and players from Norway. Being a Norwegian agency, it is a natural goal for us to work with the best Norwegian players. Now we have jkaem, Grus and hallzerk in our player pool, and we cannot wait to work with them all. Håkon "hallzerk" Fjærli is a young and hardworking player, that I know inspire lots of CSGO players out there. He developed a lot at his time at Nordavind, and it was really deserved that he got picked up by Dignitas last year. I cannot wait start working with him, and to join him on his journey to the top of the CSGO scene.


Håkon "hallzerk" Fjærli says he is delighted to sign with ULTI Agency, and that he really looks forward to delivering his best CSGO ever in 2021:


- First of all I'm delighted to sign with ULTI Agency, and I am really looking forward to work with them the next couple of years. I am super motivated to play my best CS ever for Dignitas this year, and my love and passion for the game has never been stronger. I strongly believe my team will have a successful year, and that we can compete for some trophies. Personally I am aiming for the Top 20 rank at HLTV.org this year. Thanks to everyone for the support I have received, let us make this year a good one.

Photos: HLTV.org 

Feel free to watch the fragmovie "The rise of hallzerk" made by HLTV.org below