H4RR3 signs up with ULTI Agency

Dignitas player Haris "H4RR3" Hadžić is officially represented by ULTI Agency.

We give a warm welcome to Haris "H4RR3" Hadžić.


The Norwegian rifler with a background from Bosnia and Herzegovina has signed on a 2-year-deal with the Norwegian agency.


Haris, better known as H4RR3, worked his way into the top professional CS: GO scene after he marked himself in the Norwegian organization Nordavind. Here, he played throughout a 2-year period, before the American organization Dignitas came along and acquired his signature in October, last year.


Here he plays under the Norwegian coach Halvor "vENdetta" Gulestøl, and alongside hallzerk, f0rest, friberg and HEAP. 


Dignitas is currently ranked as #24 at HLTV.org World Ranking. 


CEO at ULTI Agency, Asgeir Kvalvik, is thrilled to present yet another professional Norwegian player at his agency:


- It is always an extra special feeling when you get to sign and work with the best players from Norway. Haris "H4RR3" is without a doubt one of the most exciting players from Norway these days. He has already taken steps at Dignitas, and I am looking forward to following his further development in the years to come. Welcome to ULTI, Haris!

Haris "H4RR3" Hadžić says that being a part of Dignitas so far has given him a chance to learn from the best, and that he dreams of winning a trophy with his Norwegian and Swedish teammates:


First, I am glad to have signed with ULTI Agency and to have their support in the coming future. Stepping into the professional scene with Dignitas has been both exciting and challenging for me. It is a lot to learn, but I feel we have something great going now, and I think that 2021 will be a great year for us. My goal is to win a big CS:GO tournament. That would be a dream come true for me. A big thanks to the people who supports me. I will keep on working hard to make you proud.


Welcome to ULTI Agency, H4RR3!

Photo: HLTV.org
YouTube movie: Dignitas