Photo: Sindre Stien/Good Game

Grus joins ULTI Agency

The Norwegian talent Sander 'Grus' Nordeide Iversen (23) signs for ULTI Agency

We can proudly present the signing of our third player to the ULTI family. Give a warm welcome to Sander 'Grus' Nordeide Iversen (23).
The young norwegian from Kristiansund is playing for the norwegian team Apeks, where he got his first professional contract back in 2018. Since then he has marked himself as one of Norways best entry fraggers in a short matter of time. 
CEO at ULTI Agency, Asgeir Kvalvik, speaks highly of their new signing:
"Sander 'Grus' Nordeide Iversen has since the very start of ULTI Agency been one of our main targets to get on board. First and foremost because he is a very skilled player with a whole lot of potential, but also because he is from my hometown, Kristiansund. Sander is a deep down professional athlete and it means a lot to me that he has now chosen to be represented by ULTI Agency. I look forward to seeing him develop in Apeks together with jkaem the next couple of years."
Sander 'Grus' Nordeide Iversen says partnering with the agency gives him the right focus, and that it will help him develop as a player: 
"I have actually considered joining an agency this year, and when ULTI reached out I was early convinced that this is the right agency for me. It's a big plus for me that the company is owned by norwegians, and I'm sure this partnership will help me develop as a player. By working with ULTI I will have a stronger platform both on the PR and commercial side of things, and can focus on my gaming. I'm more motivated than ever, and I can't wait to start working with them."
Welcome, Grus! 
In the video below you can watch Grus' signature deagle ace that went viral last year. The ace was mentioned as the best ace in the world in 2019. In our minds there is no doubts: 




The video is edited by Marcus 'MarcusW' Wahl.