EspiranTo teams up with ULTI Agency

The 19-year old Lithuanian prodigy is ready to keep growing together with ULTI Agency.

It is an honour to welcome Rokas "EspiranTo" Milasauskas to ULTI Agency. 

The 19-year old CS:GO player from Lithuania marked himself in the community early on. Already at the age of 17 he was crowned the MVP at DreamHack Open Summer 2018 and was rated as one of the most promising prodigies in the world. The same year he also won a second trophy as well under the badge of Imperial after beating Heroic in the final. Later on, he has played for teams such as Valiance, CR4ZY and c0ntact Gaming. 

Recently c0ntact Gaming decided to disband their CS:GO team, which means that EspiranTo is currently a free agent. 


The Lithuanian youngster tells us a little bit about his journey and says that he is more than ready to grind his way to the very top of the CS:GO scene:


- I started playing Counter Strike in 2012 with my friends and discovered that I got rather good in a short amount of time. At that moment I decided to put a lot of time and effort in the game, and that is how I eventually entered the professional scene. I believe that hard works always pays off in the end.

EspiranTo also talks about his proudest career-moment, how a rough 2020 affected him and that he is optimistic about the future together with ULTI Agency:

- I am really motivated to keep grinding and to reach my goal on playing at the highest level. One of my proudest moments in CS:GO so far is playing at the Berlin Major in 2019. That was a fun and valueable experience for me. 2020 was a hard year for a lot of people, including myself. But what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. I am looking forward for something fresh and new after being contracted for so long. I have heard great things about ULTI Agency and are looking forward to have their support in the years to come. 

CEO of ULTI Agency, Asgeir Kvalvik says that he is happy to have acquired the signature of EspiranTo and that the potential he has is sky high:

First of all, I want to welcome EspiranTo to ULTI Agency. I am happy he has chosen us to represent him and we will do everything to support him in the time to come. He was really young when he had his breakthrough which can be challenging. If he continues to cultivate his passion for the game and we find the right organization for him, I have every belief that he will have a great career in front of him. The potential of EspiranTo is sky high, and I am looking forward following him in the years to come. 



Enjoy this Best of EspiranTo video by SWC from 2019: