doto teams up with ULTI Agency

We are delighted to share with you that the Finnish CS:GO professional, Joonas “doto” Forss, will from now on be represented by ULTI Agency.


Join us in giving him a warm welcome!

Doto has since November 2020 been a part of the Finnish tier 1 team, ENCE. He was a vital player in the team that successfully established themselves among top 20, with the team peaking at rank 7 just a couple of months ago. Joonas is now set for new challenges in his career.

So, how has 2021 been for you, Joonas?

2021 started out pretty rough having no roster around me in ENCE but eventually we managed to build a team and start grinding. It was also the first year I got to play tier 1 events and even the major!

Why did you sign with ULTI Agency?

I decided to sign with ULTI Agency because I felt like at this point in my career it was best to have people around me supporting me and just making things easier for me. I also really like talking with them and we see eye-to-eye on a lot of things.

What are your hopes and motivations for 2022?

My hopes and motivations for 2022 are to elevate my gameplay to the next level and keep working on my goals inside and outside of the game. Finding a stable home to develop is the first thing on the bucket list.