Dext teams up with ULTI Agency

The 17-year-old Slovakian talent is ready to make his mark in the professional Valorant scene.

Please give a warm welcome to Norbert "Dext" Paulovčák!

Dext joined the Spanish esports organization Movistar Riders early 2021 and spent most of last year with them. Despite of his young age he has already proved himself as a strong player, that with time we strongly believe will become a Tier 1 player.

When asked about how 2021 has been for him, why he signed with ULTI Agency and what his hopes and motivations for 2022 are, Dext answered:


- "Last year was quite the rollercoaster to be honest. A lot of ups and downs which in my opinion has made me grow a ton as a player. I can’t wait to find myself a new team and keep grinding. My motivation and hunger is great. 

I signed with ULTI Agency because with their experience and help, I believe that I can further develop myself as a professional player. It also feels safe to have someone to take care of business-side of things regarding my career, so I can focus on my gaming.

My hopes for this year are to keep improving and to dominate the newly announced VRL leagues and other tournaments. I will give my best shot at becoming the best player I can be."

We are looking forward to help developing your career for the better!