Calyx teams up with ULTI Agency

The 22 year old Turkish rifler will now be represented by ULTI Agency

Please welcome Buğra "Calyx" Arkın.

Calyx has yet to fully display his full potential as an impactful player in professional CS:GO. Despite Envy playing in a limited number of tournaments in 2020, he was consistently the best player on the roster statistically. Now just over a month into the new year, Calyx is chomping at the bit to play official matches once again. 

He is still currently under contract with Envy but will become a free agent shortly. Calyx is now actively exploring a new organization to represent.

Calyx talks about how his 2020 went and why he chose to partner with ULTI Agency:


I felt good individually but we didn’t get the results we wanted, so unfortunately that was the sad part of last year. I like ULTI because they have different work methods than other agencies and I like to be different so it just felt like the perfect choice for me.


He also discusses what his plans and motivations are for 2021:


My hopes are the same as last year: to be successful and win everything. I hope I find a great team this year to make that happen. I want to show the world what I am capable of and the Turkish people proud.