43rti teams up with ULTI Agency

The Russian Rainbow Six Siege team will now be represented by ULTI Agency.

Please welcome 43rti!


43rti is currently composed of:

- Kirill "SmashByAsh" Belozerov
- Alexander "flaers0" Kroshkin
- Anatoliy "eXoduSS" Martynov
- Alexander "rush" Rusiyev
- Pavel "Amision" Chebatkov.

After a very short tenure with forZe in 2020 and a seven month stint with Winstrike Team that ended in early March, they are currently without an organization. Their greatest result as a team came last October, where they finished 5th-8th in the European Challenger League.

When asked about how the first part of 2021 has gone for the squad:


“We could have performed better in the Six Invitational qualifiers if it hadn't been for a mistake with the skin. The Russian Major League was more than successful for us, we got our Challenger League spot, and we think we have every chance to get an European League spot this time.”


When asked about why they chose to work with ULTI:


“Obviously in order to feel more confident in our attempts to find a new organization. We are looking forward to work with ULTI Agency.”


When asked about their hopes and expectations for the rest of the year:


“Prepare for the Challenger League to be in top shape on the way to the European League. We hope to show how much we have improved in every competition.”


#WELCOME #43rti